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D&D Custom Seamless Rain Gutters
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Warranty – There are two warranties:

1. The first warranty is a Product Warranty offered by Valor that basically states if the Valor product is defective within 10 years Valor will provide replacement product.

2. The second warranty is an Installation Warranty offered by your local Installer/Contractor that basically states if the product is not installed correctly, that your local installer/contractor will come back to fix it for a certain (stated) period of time. This period of time for the Installation Warranty can vary depending on the guidelines of the Installer/Contractor, so be you the buyer have a clear written Installation Warranty from your Installer/Contractor. Typically an Installation Warranty is 3 years.

Protect Yourself – Get a written estimate and contract for the work to be performed.

1. Most Installers/Contractors are honest, hardworking and trustworthy and those that are offer a detailed written estimate and contract of the work to be performed, the materials to be used, and the cost and payment schedule prior to starting any work.

2. Valor recommends you get both a written contract that contains those details and states your Installers/Contractors Installation Warranty.

3. Checking references is always a good idea. You are hiring your local independent Installer/Contractor to install Valor gutter guards. It is your responsibility to verify that any local contractor you use is correctly licensed. A good Installer/Contractor should provide that information you on their written contract.