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1. What makes Valor’s designer mesh screen better?

The S-shape stainless steel screen is both attractive and functional. The raised S-shape design acts to both slow the rainwater down and force it into the gutter while allowing debris to be suspended above on the ridges. This makes the rainwater to go into the gutter while the debris to get blow off or bounce off by the wind or rainwater drops. It is the combination of the S-shape mesh, the vertical frame louvers and the correct installation angle of Valor products that allow Valor to perform better than all other gutter guards on the market today (2013).

2. Valor is made of stainless steel (screen) and a galvanized steel (frame) but does that last as long as aluminum?

First, the mesh screen on Valor products are made of Stainless Steel with the frame on Valor made of galvanized painted steel. Both galvanized steel and aluminum will last about the same, 30 to 40 years or more. Most of the metal parts on a roof are made of galvanized steel, like steel roof valleys, steel roof edging, steel roof vents and steel gutters are used on commercial buildings. Galvanized steel is stronger than Aluminum, and Galvanized steel has a much lower “galvanic reaction” factor then aluminum. For those reasons, Valor uses factory painted galvanized steel for the frame on Valor gutter guards. Valor’s Steel Framing is more difficult and more costly to manufacture then with soft aluminum frames of our competitors, but the result is a solid frame that out performs our competitors.

3. What kind of maintenance is needed with gutter guards?

Valor gutter guards have self-cleaning technology built into the design, but due to the many factors that cause roof debris, Valor gutter guards like all gutterguards, may need minor homeowner maintenance from time to time. Please refer to the Valor Maintenance Instructions.

4. Can I buy Valor products and install them myself?

Yes you can buy and install yourself. Please contact your local Valor Installer/Contractor to purchase the product directly (go to the “Locate Your Installer” link to find the Valor Installer closest to your zip code), If no Valor Installer is close to you, please email your contact information and a Valor factory representative will contact you. Note: Valor does not recommend installing Valor products yourself due to the safety concerns, installation knowledge, tools, and job time often required. Please contact your local Valor Installer/Contractor to get an installed estimate, in the long run, it is cheaper to hire an experienced Valor Installer.